LGA News

November 29, 2016

LGA begins final phase of CapDev ACE

Finalists from different units and personnel of the Department of the Interior and Local Government participate in the interviews as the selection process winds down

September 07, 2016

New tools for new challenges: LGA to participate in UNDP workshop

MANILA, Philippines – Applying band aid solutions is easy. Finding real, lasting change is not. As the Local Government Academy (LGA) continues to assist local government units (LGU) in tackling many of the country’s most pressing issues, it is becoming more important for its staff to develop their problem analysis and program design skills...

August 18, 2016

Many powers, responsibilities ahead for governors – Lina

MANILA, Philippines – Newly-elected governors will not have to worry about being bored. As local chief executives of communities varying in size, population, and levels of development, governors must not only manage these areas, but also create a vision for long-term progress. “Your responsibilities are almost limitless,” former Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Jose Lina told the new governors. . .

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