Los Baños, Laguna - After almost a year of training to prepare mindsets, influence behavior and even develop characters of the Department’s forefront officers, Batch 52 or the Hinirang Batch has legitimized themselves as seasoned front liners of the Department.

One hundred one (101) Local Government Operations Officer (LGOOs) marched on stage to receive their alampays on October 28, 2019, during the Training for Local Government Operations Officers II & III grand graduation held at the Magsaysay Hall, Local Government Training Center in Los Baños, Laguna.

In her congratulatory speech for the Hinirang Batch, LGA Executive Director Thelma T. Vecina tells the graduates to have a keen sense of pride and to go back to the question why they chose to be in the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) saying: "You must be able to answer the question. Your answer will be your mission in life. It will be your guide as you embark on your life in the DILG."

ED Vecina further echoes the Local Government Academy’s (LGA) promise and commitment of continuing to produce only the finest in the DILG, adding: "We will continue to hone and develop the people who will man this Department. From field offices to central management, we will ensure to uphold the knowledge standard-- from the knowledge to skill sets, and especially the attitude and values required of this Department."

Assistant Director Esmeralda Daphne N. Purnell, on the other hand, lead the presentation of graduates with Undersecretary for Local Government Marivel C. Sacendoncillo certifying the eligibility for graduation of the batch.

Top officials of the Department are also present to grace the ceremonies and took part in handing out to the graduates their certificates of completion along with their well-earned alampays.

Outstanding trainees were likewise given recognition for their exemplary performance, where out of the 101 trainees, 10 graduates were given special citations, with a graduate from Region 6 notching the highest rank. The list of outstanding trainees for the 52nd LGOO training are as follows:

  1. Mar Anthony B. Balani (Region 6)
  2. Archie Rose G. Vasquez (Region 13)
  3. Jon Leo J. Licayan (Region 12)
  4. Job Daniel B. Cassion (Region 13)
  5. James Edward M. Pecson (Region 5)
  6. Ana Katrina Bianca W. Remoto (Region 6)
  7. Steven Jay P. Abian (Region 6)
  8. Yvoughn Nadine Navarro (Region 6)
  9. Donna Dial D. Madelo (Region 13)
  10. Dave Robert H. Capada (Region 6)


Undersecretary for Local Government Marivel C. Sacendoncillo in her keynote speech describes the DILG journey as no bed of roses, saying: “Nagsisimula palang ang paglalakbay ninyo sa government service. Ang paglalakbay ay hindi puno ng rosas, [ito ay] may kasamang mga tinik na ating tatahakin". She also added, "ang buhay sa DILG is not a bed of roses. It is a road that is less traveled. You will find the experience working with the DILG as something that you may not just find anywhere”.

Usec. Sacendoncillo goes on to remind the graduating batch to uphold and sustain the Department's reputation which is earned, not given, and should never be tarnished.

"As LGOOs and as DILG, we have that high level of capacity to adapt to the situation. That is why we have earned that respect not only of the President but the whole country."


The DILG through the LGA has instituted the Local Government Operations Officers Training Program as an integral part of the capacity building of the department personnel.

A one of a kind training for the DILG field officers, ED Vecina describes it as a “conscious design to prepare mindsets, influence behavior and even develop characters.  It provides LGOOs the necessary foundation for higher responsibilities and be effective allies of local government units". 

The LGOO training will continue to take part in fulfilling the LGOO's mantra “to “serve the people without reservation or indifference, assist communities in the fight against poverty, political ignorance and social disorder, harness citizen participation through community mobilization and people empowerment, promote unity through genuine reconciliation and will uphold the dignity and honor of the DILG".



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