The LGA is set to implement the 2016 NEO program, a continuing capacity development program of the DILG designed and implemented for the new set of elected local officials.  It aims to build strategic leaders who would steer their local governments in becoming competitive, efficient and responsive institutions for development.  As such, the NEO program is designed as a term-based learning process composed of five (5) components as follows:

            Component 1: Ensuring Smooth Transition

            Component 2: Jumpstarting Local Governance

            Component 3: Looking Forward to Better Governance

            Component 4: Sharpening the Saw

            Component 5: Enhancing LGU Performance

Component 1 started as early as April 2016 and is expected to be done by the end of July 2016 when the new set of local officials assumes office. Component 2, on the other hand, will begin with a series of basic orientation on the First 100 Days for the NEOs on the following schedule:

 Program NEO

The LGA is also expanding the content of its NEO online platform to cover modules on Health Governance, Local Economic Development, Education Governance, Regulatory Simplification, Environmental Governance, Strategic Management, Public Safety, Resource Mobilization and Financial Management and Analysis, Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management, Bridging Leadership and Urban Governance among others.

What sets the 2016 NEO program apart from the previous NEO programs is the mentoring part which will involve peer-based and face-to-face sessions where NEOs can discuss issues or challenges on local governance with their mentors who are well-known and award-winning local officials.  The Mentoring program will expose NEOs to the best practice of local governments as well as innovations on local governance from their fellow leaders. 

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