RS4LG is a continuing program of LGA in collaboration with the DILG in support to the aggressive campaign of the current administration to simplify the requirements and streamline the procedures in doing business in the country. The coaches are expected to assist LGUs cut down the processing time, bureaucratic red tape, and eliminate corrupt practices in the government service particularly in processing business permit applications and renewals.

The intervention primarily aims to build competencies of regional coaches to help their LGUs in adopting a faster and more efficient delivery of government services which will then allow these LGUs to create an environment that is conducive for both the LGU and the private sector and provide economic access to the community.

During the 4-day coaches’ training, participants underwent five (5) learning sessions which includes: 1) an overview on RA 11032; 2) enabling regulatory environment in local governments for ease of doing business; 3) introduction to RS4LG; 4) planning for regulatory simplification; and 5) an in-depth discussion and walk through of the regulatory simplification phases. The learning modes used were a mix of theoretical and practical plenary discussions, workshops, sharing of best practices, and multimedia presentations. The training event was culminated with the crafting of the regional action plan that coaches will pursue in coaching their LGUs.

Participants are expected to capacitate local government officials and functionaries, whose roles are deemed essential in addressing governance issues that deter investments and businesses to thrive, and to push for policy reforms and system improvements, greater transparency and improved business services. All of these shall be carried out collaboratively in order for the LGUs to become business-friendly and competitive.

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