PASIG CITY – The Local Government Academy (LGA) opens its doors for partnership through a dialogue with various international organizations and private institutions during the Partners’ Forum with the theme “Moving Forward the Local Governance Agenda” held on May 08, 2019 at the Discovery Suites, Pasig City.

The event was attended by 26 institutions some of which have already worked with the LGA, and with most seen as prospective partners. The forum provides opportunities for partnerships in advancing the advocacy for excellence in local governance capacity building.

Highlighting LGA’s role as knowledge manager

The LGA sets its sight in effectively marketing and communicating the value proposition of its programs to get the needed support in managing and implementing them. Understanding that the organization cannot cater to every capacity development needs of local governments, one of the LGA’s main strategies is strengthening partnerships for a wider reach of its capacity building services to clients.

The first part of the forum was dedicated to introducing the LGA, by highlighting its vision, mission, and goals, as well as its programs and achievements. LGA Executive Director Thelma T. Vecina highlighted the importance of building alliances even at the local level which the LGUs have to maximize. In jest, she made reference to a recent superhero movie, stating: “[That] If you have the avengers to save the world, then [LGUs] have to have allies to save your local government units”.

Following the presentation is a briefer on Harmonizing Capacity Development for LGUs which was presented by Assistant Director Esmeralda Daphne N. Purnell.  AD Purnell gave a context of capacity development for LGUs by showing the 2018 Governance Assessment data of the Seal of Good Local Governance (SGLG).  Given the LGU gaps on the different governance areas, she underscores the importance of addressing these gaps via a strategic, integrated, LGU-driven and performance-focused capacity development agenda.  She also emphasized how LGA operates and assist local governments in their capacity development efforts.

Towards the latter part of the program, ED Vecina presented the Program for the Newly Elected Officials (NEOs), a flagship program of the Department through the LGA that intends to capacitate newly minted and re-elected local officials who are expected to assume office on June 30, 2019.  She shared the schedule for the program’s basic orientation to allow partners to have a grasp on how the program is to be implemented, and most especially, allow them to extend assistance or forge partnership to further enhance the program.

Environment for Collaborative Engagements

More than the opportunity for dialogue, the forum also served as a conducive learning space for the partners for meaningful exchanges and insights concerning the agenda for local governance capacity building putting into consideration the diversity of interests and expertise.  The partners also gave the LGA a reminder to integrate in the Program for the NEOs concerns on gender, PWDs, IPs and other sectors.

At the forum’s conclusion, ED Vecina extended her appreciation to the partners for sharing their passion with the LGA moving forward the local governance agenda.  She also gave an assurance that the LGA will continue what it has started in pursuing an environment for collaborative engagements among partners and the local governments.


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