In the fourth Cabinet Cluster Meeting on Climate Change Adaptation, Mitigation and Disaster Risk Reduction, the Office of the President required all government agencies to formulate their respective Public Service Continuity Plan (PSCP) to ensure that mission essential functions are delivered even during emergencies. The Local Government Academy (LGA) in response has called the Local Government Academy Disaster Risk Reduction and Management team (LGA DRRM team) to a planning workshop on Public Service Continuity on March 4-6, 2020. The activity provided the needed intervention to enhance the knowledge and skills of the DRRM team in developing a comprehensive PSCP.

The participants were exposed to different workshop activities as a means of applying theoretical knowledge into practice to build on different components of the PCSP following the standard set by the Office of Civil Defense (OCD) and the Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation (PDRF).

Aside from learning the concept and importance of public service continuity, the LGA DRRM team members were able to acknowledge their roles and responsibilities in response to the concern of disrupted services and operations of LGA during disasters or emergencies. Thus, the team was able to formulate a PSCP that will ensure concrete actions in providing uninterrupted services to clients.  

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