PASAY CITY - With only 25 days left before proclaimed winners of the 2019 national and local elections take post, DILG through the LGA has been all out in its campaign to showcase its flagship program in capacitating the newly elected local officials: The Program for Newly Elected Officials (NEO).

According to ED Thelma, the Program for NEO is a term-based program that commences at the start of transition of leadership at the local level. The program, by utilizing various learning methodologies from the traditional face-to-face discussions up to the modern pedagogies of webinars and online sessions, aims to provide a harmonized and holistic capacity development delivery mechanism for local government all over the country.

Further expounding on the importance of developing a harmonized executive-legislative relation in the local level in order for roadmaps to be realized, ED Thelma calls for the dropping of political differences in color and affiliation, and to stand for their social contract with the people who elected them to office.“Ang ini-expect po ng ating [mga] kababayan kapag kayo ay nahalal ay wala ng kulay or partido dahil ang inyong sinumpaan when you are elected is a social contract between the people who elected you to office”, adding that they are expected to sit down and talk about priorities, and not differences.

Newly elected officials are further reminded to ensure that their plans are in line with the thrust at the national level which should be reflected in their capacity development agenda.

A number of newly elected officials have already shown interest to undergo capacity building, according ED Thelma, where it is expected that thousands of newly elected officials from the provincial down to the municipal level will participate in the capacity development programs.

As for availing the program for NEOs, they need not worry about the fees, but are expected to dedicate their time and commitment for the program since program works under the principle of cost-sharing, according to ED Thelma, with the expenses for the training proper already shouldered by the Department.

For more information about the Program for NEOs, please feel free to reach us at telephone numbers: 634-1906 & 636-5847.

You can also e-mail us your concerns and queries at or

And for the latest updates about the Program for NEOs, visit and like the official FB page for the Program for NEOs by clicking on this link: and LGA's official website at and its official FB page Local Government Academy


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