On March 17-18, 2016, the Local Government Academy (LGA) facilitated a consultative meeting with representatives of sixteen (16) Local Resource Institutions (LRIs) and Non-Governmental Organization (NGOs) that are beneficiaries of the Bottom-up Budgeting – Capacity Development Programs (BuB-CDP) for CSOs. The two-day activity held at the BSA Condotel in Mandaluyong City aimed to assess the appropriateness of the content and the learning activities of the following modules: (1) Participatory Governance; (2) Local Poverty Reduction Action Planning (LPRAP); (3) Project Proposal Writing and Packaging; (4) Local Economic Development for CSOs; (5) Community-based Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (CBDRRM) for CSOs; (6) Organizational Development and Management; (7) Leadership Formation and Development; (8) Values Formation: Values, Attitudes, and Ethics; and (9) Community Organizing and Community Development for CSOs. In addition, the meeting sought to gather recommendations for the enhancement of the modules primarily designed for CSOs participating in the Local Poverty Reduction Action Planning (LPRAP) process.

The participants were tasked to review and critique the modules and provide suggestions on the content, instructional design, and module delivery method. The enhanced modules will be used in training coaches for the enhancement of CSO participation in the BuB process.



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