Baguio City Mayor Benjamin B. Magalong and DILG CAR Regional Director Marlo L. Iringan, CESO IV inspire the DILG City/Municipal LGOOs, City Directors, and Chiefs of Police with their Pioneering Ways in Fighting COVID-19: Contact Tracing and Detection Experience during the 9th L!STONG Ugnayan on April 22, 2020.

Mayor Magalong identified the principles of contact tracing stating that it requires collaboration, transparency, personnel with cognitive interviewing skills, technology and it complements with mass testing.


To give a better understanding of Baguio City’s efforts, Mayor Magalong presented the conceptual framework of the COVID-19 tracing e-system with efforts to identify, isolate, test, and trace. The three (3) systems currently being used are 1) EndCov-19 System, 2) QGIS Geospatial Analysis on COVID-19 and 3) IBM i2 Link Analysis.

He described the EndCov-19 system’s dashboard as the “diary” of the patients as it includes a matrix showing their details such as place of engagement and results of laboratory tests.

The QGIS Geospatial Analysis on COVID-19, a software used to map out the trends of positive cases in the city encompassing geographical data and overlay of affected localities was also introduced. Relationships, patterns, and trends can be accessed through this platform.

They also invested in availing the IBM i2 Link Analysis to analyze large volumes of data and to enable information sharing. With this, the daily activities of the patients are tracked down and the probability of transmission is assessed, easing the process of contact tracing.

Moreover, Mayor Magalong encouraged LGUs to invest in capacity building of people on the use of various systems and tools for contact tracing for the operation to be successful. He stressed that the Mayors and Governors should exhibit strong leadership and that it should be emulated at all levels. A strategic mindset is important in formulating a vision while the department heads can do the micro-management. “It is the time to be decisive, to do what is right”, he added.

RD Iringan continued the discussion by recognizing Baguio City’s proactiveness and its residents’ obedience. He further shared the efforts of DILG CAR in supporting the LGUs through the organization of Barangay Health Emergency Response Teams and Local Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs), assistance in ensuring the effective handling of the Social Amelioration Program (SAP), attendance to meetings with the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) and consultation with various National Government Agencies (NGAs).

All in all, Baguio City's key elements in its success are anchored on the 4Cs: Collaboration, Coordination, Cooperation, and Communication leading to a unified goal among the neighboring LGUs. RD Iringan shared an insight stating that one does not need to be a genius to survive, instead common sense is essential. Mayor Magalong concluded the session with a reminder to work as one to be able to heal as one.

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