MANILA, Philippines – Twenty-three local government units (LGU) from Luzon have expressed their interest in implementing one of the largest efforts to eliminate poverty, inequality, and environmental damage.

Representatives, including several mayors, formalized their LGUs’ participation in the Sustainable Development Goals – Family-based Actions for Children and Their Environs in the Slums (SDG-FACES).

With their participation in the two-day business meeting, the LGUs will receive 50,000 pesos for their project implementation.

They will also determine the criteria for selecting beneficiaries, provided that recipients are geographically close to one another—whether this means they are from the same barangay or adjacent communities is up to the LGU.

During the meeting, the LGA reminded the participants of their responsibilities, which includes the submission of a Child Monthly Report Card, signed Family SDG Covenant, and a Family Quick Action Guide. These will be used to keep track of the communities’ progress and as references for future programs.

Similar activities will be held for the Visayas cluster from May 30 to 31 and Mindanao cluster from June 15 to 16.

The SDG-FACES Project

Although the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are relatively new, the FACES Project is not. Beginning with the SDGs’ predecessor, the Millennium Development Goals (MDG), the LGA has been working to localize these international efforts with the MDG-FACES as its mechanism for doing so.

Now that the world has shifted to a more comprehensive set of ambitions, the SDG-FACES continues its predecessor’s work. It prioritized MDG-FACES project sites, particularly the best implementers, because they were more prepared for upscaling.

Through the SDG-FACES, the Local Government Academy (LGA) equips LGUs with the resources, skills, and knowledge to uplift their communities.

The project hopes to benefit children aged 0 to 17 years old and capacitate their female guardians. A total of 75 LGUs will participate in the initiative, to capacitate more than 3,000 women and improve the lives of over 3,000 families by the end of the project.

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