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Makati BLU Card Program (Makati City)

The Makati BLU Card Program was launched in the year 2002 through the initiative of the Honorable Mayor Jejomar C. Binay. It is a burial assistance program, wherein family of a deceased senior citizen who is a BLU cardholder will receive a financial assistance from the City Government of Makati. As a requirement, for a Blu Card, a senior citizen must be a registered voter and currently residing in Makati.

Benefits under the program are forfeited in case the cardholder transfers his/her residence outside Makati. In the event of the cardholder’s death, the amount of P3,000 burial assistance is given to the beneficiary stated at the back of the card if they could present the necessary documents. Aside from the said benefits, the city government extended P1, 000 cash/ allowance to all senior citizens who are BLU cardholders in the middle and the end of the year (June and December). The amount of P40 million is appropriated every year for this project.

Together with the Barangay Councils of Senior Citizens, the program continues to grow and fulfill its mission of serving the elderly. The Elderly Councils help in facilitating BLU card applicants. The Makati Social Welfare Department (MSWD) partners with the Federation of Makati Council of Senior Citizens (FMCSC) in the implementation of the BLU Card Program. FMCSC has a chapter in every barangay and is headed by a chapter chairperson. The chapter chairperson is responsible in facilitating and endorsing the application of Senior Citizens to enroll in the program. Likewise, the chapter chairperson helps in the processing of documents of the bereaved families to avail of the burial assistance due to a deceased BLU cardholder.

Additional requirements to apply for the BLU card are: two (2) 1x1 picture, Voters Registration Receipt (VRR) or COMELEC Certification, Barangay Clearance, Birth Certificate, marriage contract, passport or PRC card (for senior citizens 60-74 years old), white and yellow cards or any old valid ID’s bearing the Makati Address (For senior citizens 75 years old and over, no VRR or COMELEC Certification to present). The original copies of the mentioned documents must be brought and presented upon application.

In claiming for the Burial assistance of the BLU card program, there are also corresponding requirements that the claimant should present like the BLU card of the deceased senior citizen, marriage contract of the deceased, if married, birth certificate of the claimant, residence and marriage certificate of the claimant (if married). All beneficiaries must be of legal age.     


The program has helped a lot of senior citizens in Makati as well as its beneficiaries of the BLU cardholders. The feedbacks gathered from beneficiaries, including senior citizens from the villages, showed satisfaction with the first ever cash gift/ allowance given by the local government.