Benefits for LGUs

LGUs implementing good practices have its benefits too, among them are the following:

Benefits of LGUs sharing the Good Practice with other LGU

  • Implementing simple and organized methodologies to replicate existing good practices
  • Seeing is believing pgma-bayawan
  • Learning from peers is often better than formal training 
  • The model LGU is a partner in the replication process until the practice has been completely replicated 
  • Importance is on following the process and implementing the Replication Workplan to completion within the planned timeframe
  • It can reduce cost and efforts
  • Replication is more than a “Lakbay –Aral” (exposure, planning, implementation)

Benefits for Replicating LGUs

  • Offers tested and proven solutions to their problems
  • It is an affective and innovative way to build the LGUs capacities
  • It is cost effective and innovative way to build the LGU’s capacities
  • It is cost effective
  • It is participatory and empowering
  • It improves local governance

And if an LGU is really very successful enough to become a best practice, LGUs could be awarded by other government and private agencies in recognition of the effort and work that has been done.