MANILA, Philippines – Local disaster officers have a lot to be excited about in 2017.

With the formation of the National Association of Local Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Officers (NALDRRMO) and the election of their interim officers, they are on their way to becoming a group registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The election, conducted from December 8 to 16, 2016, filled all of the available positions. Votes were cast through e-mail with the Local Government Academy’s (LGA) Institutional Partnership Unit acting as the Election Committee. The committee closed voting on December 15.

Below are the elected interim officers:

  • President: Ben Frederick R. Rodriguez
  • Vice President, NCR: Ritche Van C. Angeles
  • Vice President, Luzon: Felicisima L. Mungcal
  • Vice President, Visayas: Jose T. Yusay III
  • Vice President, Mindanao: Roberto M. Natividad
  • Secretary: Roselee B. Buenconsejo
  • Treasurer: Allan A. Porcadilla
  • Auditor: Janus D. Rafailes
  • Information Officer: Henry M. Buzar
  • Members of the Board: Danilo L. Atienza, Elmeir E. Apolinario, Cedric E. Daep, Mercedita C. Foronda, Jesusa N. Leal, Alexander P. Manuel, Rhodyn Luchinvar Oro, Vincent S. Talattag, Broderick G. Train

The interim officers now have to complete the following tasks they set in the 100 Days Action Plan developed during the National Interim Committee Conference last November 2016:

  • Sign the constitution and by-laws
  • Register with the SEC
  • Create and approve the interim officers’ terms of reference
  • Develop the association’s manual of operations
  • Profile DRRM officers and practitioners
  • Create the NALDRRMO identity, including the association’s logo
  • Hold the first NALDRRMO General Assembly

The NALDRRMO was first organized during the LGA’s Operation L!STO: LDRRMO Conference on January 20 to 22, 2016. During the activity, participants formed an interim technical working group composed of one representative for each region.

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